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September 6 through February 8, 2002,
Fridays at 8pm at the Phoenix Gallery

Annie Herron, Director eyewash Gallery
"Women Only"
See Oct. 26, 2001
$6 General Admission, $3 Students and Seniors with ID, Passholders FREE
A word of caution about our panels:
Sometimes we have to change a date or make a substitution for a speaker. To be sure to catch the right act, please call 212-779-9250 and check our announcement.

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Norma Greenwood, panel organizer
"Porn Again"
See Nov..30th 2001

September 6, 2001

"Curator's Choice Winners"
Exhibition: September 6th - October 6th
Opening: September 6th 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Denise Bibro Gallery
529 West 20th Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10011

Elizabeth Glauer, Sara Crisp, Shawne Major, Steven Shores, Susan Tunick


October 19, 2001

"The Book as Art"
What makes artist books a distinctive medium for artists, one often misunderstood or even unknown outside of its own world? New York and British book artists explore the variety of materials, structures, and concepts that can be an artist book.

Moderator: Barbara Lubliner, sculptor

Panelists: Curators of "A Tale of Two Cities,"
Maddy Rosenberg, NY
Miriam Schader, NY
Sara Bristol, artist/educator, UK
Guy Begbie, UK

Organized by: Barbara Lubliner & Maddy Rosenberg

Book as Art
Book as Art

October 26, 2001

"For Women Only"
Perservering, from the days male artists joined together in mutual support, woman's organizations are offering venues for artistic freedom. This panel deals with these issues.

Moderator: Donna Marxer, director AIRIE (Artists in Residence in the Everglades)

Annie Herron director, eyewash Gallery
Melissa Wolf, president, Women's Studio Center
Liz Cenedella, president of Pen & Brush Club
Suzanne de Vegh, director SoHo20 Gallery
Dina Muller, director A.I.R. Gallery

Organized by I. Leon Golomb
Donna Marxer replaced Molly Barnes
Suzanne de Vegh replaced Cynthia Mailman
Annie Herron
Annie Herron


November 2, 2001

Starting time for this panel is changed to 9:00 pm!
There will be an opening at Pheonix Gallery from 6 - 8 pm to which you are also invited.

"Anita Shapolsky & Her Artists"
The Anita Shapolsky Gallery has been a leading proponent of Abstract Expressionism since 1982.

Moderator: Anita Shapolsky

Nancy Steinson
, artist
Una Dora Copley, artist
Eric van der Grijn, artist

Anita Shapolsky
Anita Shapolsky

Organized by: Molly Barnes

November 9, 2001

"Realism Now"

What is it? Is It Relevant Today?

Moderator: George A. Rada,

William Beckman,
Forum Gallery
David Cohen, critic and author
Vincent Desiderio, Marlborough Gallery
Julie Heffernan, LittleJohn Gallery

Organized by George A. Rada President of ATOA
& Joel Silverstein, curator/artist
George Rada
George Rada

November 16, 2001

"David Amram, musician, in dialog with Molly Barnes"
David Amram, an avante-garde pioneer of world music, performer, conductor, and composer.

David Amram
David Amram

November 23, 2001

Thanksgiving Break - No Panel

November 30, 2001

"Porn Again"
Contemporary Views of Erotic Art
Moderator: Norma Greenwood, artist

Betty Dodson,
artist and sex educator
Kiki Seror, artist
Catherine Ann Johnson, curator of the Kinsey Institute
Grady Turner, curator of the Museum of Sex
Browyn Platten, artist & sex researcher

Norma Greenwood
Norma Greenwood

Organized by Norma Greenwood


December 7, 2001

"Myron Heise, in dialog with George Rada"
Country days/ City Nights

I am mainly concerned with the metropolis at night and the Heartland in the heat of the day.

Myron Heise
Myron Heise

Organized by Molly Barnes
George Rada replaced Molly Barnes

December 14th 2001

"Beyond the Bound Stone" Exploring the trends in contemporary Eastern art.

Moderator: Roy Secord

Weijun Cao,
Chinese curator
Tomomi Maru Kamemaru, Japanese artist
Mihee Ahn, Korean curator

Organizeed by Roy Secord

Holiday Break

December 15th - January 17th
No Panels


January 18, 2002

"The Evolution of Protest Art"
Moderator: Ron Morosan, artist

Estera Milman,
art historian and curator of the exhibition and accompanying book, "No Art! The Aesthetics of Doom," at the Block Museum of Northwestern University, Chicago
Richard Mock, artist and political illustrator
Susan Simensky, artist and co-curator of the exhibition called "Drawing Resistance," at ABC No Rio

Protest Art
Protest Art

January 25, 2002

Slide Night - Open Screening

Five Dollars/ Five-Slides/Five Minutes
Come see what your fellow artists have been doing. Bring 5 slides of your work and be prepared to talk about them for no more than five minutes. Admission, if you're showing slides, is only $5 Sign in at 7:00 to load slide trays.


February 1, 2002

"Landscape Artists Who Deal with the Environment"

Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist and director of AIRIE
(Artists in Residence in the Everglades)

Janet Culbertson
Cynthia Mailman
Isabella Jacob

Organized by Donna Marxer

Stripping the Glades, painting by Donna Marxer
"Stripping the Glades," by Donna Marxer

February 8, 2002

"Analog Dreams / Digital World"
A Discussion of the Digital Artworld

Moderator: John Fischer, artist
Panelists: Renowned artists and cognoscente including
Eric Sparre, director,
Manfred Mohr, pioneer digital artist
Ilene Astrahan, pioneer digital artist
Stephen Soreff, artist & futurist
Jay Mahar, video editor and Photographer

Archways, digital print by John Fischer
"Archways" by John Fischer

Organized by: John Fischer

The End of our Fall 2001 season.

ATOA wishes to thank the Phoenix Gallery,
The Lily Auchincloss Foundation,
The Lower Manhattan Community Council,
The Bachman Foundation
and Weinick, Sanders and Leventhal, CPAs, for their generous support.

James Dee Ad

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