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Fall 2002

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Artists Talk On Art's

Benefit Bijoux Auction of Small Treasures

Support Artists Talk On Art and find those special Christmas gifts at the same time!

Sixty-plus small works of fine art-painting and sculpture and more by outstanding artists like Christo, Jimmy Ernst, Dorothy Gillespie, Joan Giordano, Sebastian Matta, George Ortman, Pat Passlof, and many more.

Plus, dozens of other delights such as real Cuban cigars, beauty and spa services and products, signed art books, a tea and tour for ten at Christies, unique designer jewelry, a sex-potpourri! And on and on . . .

It all happens in a magnificent design studio, accompanied by delicious food and drink and fine music.

Tuesday, November 12
from 7pm to 9pm at
Clodagh Studio
670 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY, 10012

Tickets $25 advance sale, $30 at the door.
Checks payable to
Artists Talk on Art
10 Waterside Plaza, #33D
New York, NY 10010
or call (212) 779-9250 to reserve

Auction list:

Peter Arkle, artwork
Will Barnet, print and catalog
Lore Behrendt, color photo
Hannah Berman, 2 pieces
Tom Boutis, artwork
Lynn Braswell, artwork
Henry Chalfant, artwork
Anita Chernewski, signed silver photo print
Christo, signed print - edition of 50
Minna Citron, signed print
Ann Cooper, artwork
Janet Culbertson, print
Penney Dante - 2 prints Venice
Penney Dante - 1 print castle
Pat de Gorzoga
Sally Elliott, signed minature painting
Eric Ernst, painting
Jimmy Ernst, print - very large
Kim Foster Gallery artist
Diana Friedman, print
Jerry Garcia, signed and number print
Dorothy Gillespie, sculpture
Joan Giordano, sculpture
Janet Goldner, artwork
Betsy Goldberg
Ruth Gray, artwork
Norma Greenwood, painting
Susye Greenwood, photograph
Burt Hasen
Sarah Hauser, hand tinted print
Julie Heffernan, painting
Flash Light, light sculpture
Ellen Koment, signed watercolor
Leo Kunsch, 2 collages
Taliah Lempert, painting
Cynthia Mailman, painting
Donna Marxer, painting
Donna Marxer, artbox #1
Donna Marxer, artbox #2
Sebastian Matta, drawing
Lynne Mayocole, sculptures on magnet (3)
Doug Ohlson, painting
George Ortman, artwork
Ellen Peckham, print
Pat Passloff, artwork
Elsie Dinsmore Popkin, painting
Linda Reeves, assemblage
Marcia Sheer, pinhole print
Stephen Soreff, sculpture
Catherine Steinmann, signed photo
Laurinda Stockwell, mixed media photo
Elyse Taylor, watercolr drawing
Susan Ungaro, watercolor and catalog
Tamara Wyndham, artwork
Athos Zacharias, artwork

Molly Barnes signed books (2)
1 sealed box of Cuban Monte Christo #3 cigars legally purchased in Cuba
3 signed children’s books designed by Betsy Day
James Dee photo session for artist, 5 pieces
Albert Depas poetry books
Minerva Durham - 2 passes for drawing sessions at Spring Studio
Monograph from Dallas Ernst
Signed book by Wolf Kahn
Elaine Marinoff jewelry
Caroll Michels career consultation - 1 hour
McCoy pottery with certificate
Cynthia Navaretta books
Signed cookbook from Olives
Pastels from New York Central Supply
Ellen Peckham silver jewelry made by herself
Ellen Peckham studio visit for six with wine and cheese
Costume jewelry from Hattie Platt - 3 pins, 5 necklaces, 3 pr. earring (can be divided into 5 lots)
Reflexology session from Charles Meyers
Basket of lotions and fragrances from Royal Promotions
Sex Potpourri: Poster Kinsey Institute (sexy), docent tour of Sex Museum, Betty Dodson signed book and *tape
Soho Hair Saloon shampoo and styling cut
StyleWorks 2-hr. image consultation
Tea for Ten at Christies

ATOA Website Archive
Fall 2002

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