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Chairperson's Letter - Fall 2003


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Doug Sheer

ATOA begins another dynamic season of panels and one-on-one dialogs at the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery at 511 West 25th Street, 6th floor. Since our founding in 1975 we have had to be flexible and do without most frills. This season is no exception. We are painfully aware that just to be in business, doing what we do best, is a great accomplishment in tough times. These days, we survive with only tiny grants and yet we are still here! We manage that because of the generosity of our artist-panelists, who appear without fee and often donate artworks for the auctions we hold, the SOHO20 Chelsea Gallery members who provide the Friday meeting space and the more than fifty ATOA board members, advisory board members, volunteers, interns and staff who work so hard to keep the enterprise going. Thanks also to the annual pass-holders and health plan members whose faith in us helps us survive.

The programming committee and its director, Molly Barnes, have created a stunning series of panels and one-on-one dialogs for the period commencing Friday, October 17, 2003 with award winning Hollywood director, Mel Stuart, who presents his film Man Ray. On the 24th, dealer and contest judge Stefan Stux interviews and discusses the work of the 2003 Curatorís Choice winners. On November 7th artist and writer, Donna Marxer, interviews painter Wolf Kahn about his newly published book Wolf Kahnís America. On November 14th Molly Barnes interviews legendary Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner. On November 21st, John Fischer presents electronic art leaders in "Analog Dreams/Digital World III." The next panel, on December 5th, Bruce Wands, head of SVAís Computer Education Department moderates a panel on the state-of-the-art in computer graphics generation. On December 12th, Ron Morosan has assembled "Narrative Abstraction" questions the very definition of abstract versus representational art. On our return from the holiday break January 23rd, Ed Adler moderates "Art & The Beat Generation." Williamsburg artists are featured on January 30th moderated by dealer Richard Timperio. On February 6th, book art will be explored by Sandra Jackman in "Literally Art." Sculptor William King and his artist wife, Connie Fox, are featured on February 13th.

I regret to note the passing of a friend, sculptor George Mayocole, the spouse of ATOAís corporate secretary, sculptor Lynne Mayocole. A memorial service and exhibition is planned for Thursday, October 16th at 6PM at the Douglas Dunn Dance Studio, located in SOHO at 541 Broadway, 4th floor. I hope you will join the rest of the ATOA family in remembering this gentle spirit.

See you Friday nights this season.

Doug Sheer

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