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October 15, 2004

NADA - The New Art Dealers Alliance

Nada - The New Art Dealers Alliance is invigorating the New York gallery scene with youthful faces and fresh ideas. Illustrated with slides from their artists.

Moderator: Sheri Pasquarella, director of Gorney, Bravin + Lee Gallery
Panelists: Zach Miner, co-founder of NADA, private art consultant
Lia Gangitano, director/founder of Participant Inc., a Lower East Side not-for-profit
Organizer: Donna Marxer, artist and writer
Gorney, Bravin + Lee
Gorney, Bravin + Lee Gallery
Transcript available!

October 22, 2004

Independent Art Fairs

No Ferris wheel? What kind of fair is this? Well, it is a Contemporary Art Fair, and although there are no mechanical rides, it will surly make your head spin. There are currently hundreds of art fairs annually in New York exhibiting thousands of galleries and tens of thousands artists. ATOA has invited the founders of major Contemporary Art Fairs including The AAF Contemporary Art Fair, The Armory Show, Pool Art Addict and Scope to discuss the histories, purpose and growing popularity of the Contemporary Art Fair, and why they donít serve funnel cake.

(5th Floor, Gene Stavis Theater Room 502)

Moderator: Elena Rubenfeld, artist
Panelists: Renee Vara, curator and participant, Scope Art Fair -- W/O Walls
Michael Selliger, Scope Art Fair and curator for W/O Walls
Helen Allen, Affordable Art Fair
Theirry Alet, director of exhibitions, Frere Independent
Katelijne De Backer, The Armory Show
Paul Morris, The Armory Show
Organizer: Sara Kay
Doug Sheer
The Armory Show

October 29, 2004

Jean-Michel Basquiat
And The Third Eye

Jean-Michel Basquiat was a major figure in the art world of the 1980s, who rose from near obscurity as graffiti artist SAMO (with companion Al Diaz) with the assistance of other artists such as Warhol and dealer Annina Nosei. This panel convenes Basquiat experts to discuss the genius of the departed artist.

Moderator: Brian Gormley, artist and historian
Anthony Haden-Guest, writer of "True Colors"
Diego Cortez, curator, P.S. 1
Charlotta Kotik, curator, Brooklyn Museum
Organizer: Arnold Wechsler, artist

Basquiat, "Skull"

October 31, 2004

Halloween Parade

Flash Light
as Weapons Commander Death
in Pollock Squared will be marching..

Dress as your favorite artist or artwork and join us marching in the Annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade! To publicize our panel series, we'll have a float upon which Jackson Pollock (11/19/04) performs an action painting. We'll have banners with book covers from "The End of Art" (12/10/04) and "A Sweeper Up After Artists." (01/28/05). Former ATOA Excutive Director Donna Marxer plans to march as a pointillist figure from "La Grande Jatte." Tamara Tornado is thinking of marching as Andy Warhol, if she can find the right wig and glasses. How will you dress?

The parade forms on Sixth Avenue, below Spring Street, between 6 -7 pm, Sunday evening October 31. ATOA will line up at Phase II, Pumpkin 7. (Look for numbered Pumpkin signs atop poles to find us.) The march starts at 7:00, but we may not start moving until later because many are ahead of us.

Volunteers wanted to carry banners.

View parade pictures!

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