November 28, 2017

Material Reality:

A different way for art to celebrate the human body

In all of Heide Hatry’s projects the material itself is the reality to which she wants to draw attention and through which she wishes to stimulate thought about who we are, what we have done, and what is at stake in our passage through the world.

Expect a discussion to revolve around such themes with reference to how the material of which the work is made creates a space in which certain reflections are inevitable, in which the normally invisible becomes not only visible but insistent, how knowledge affects our understanding of beauty, and how the dynamic of appearance and reality, or semblance and truth, can be invoked in ostensibly simple images.

Laila Pedro,
editing manager of Hyperallergic
Marc Pachter,
Director Emeritus of the National Portrait Gallery
JW McCormack, writer and critic for VICE, the New York Times
John Wronoski, rare bookseller and art dealer
Heide Hatry, artist

Laila Pedro is an editor, scholar, translator, and writer born in Havana and based in New York. She holds a PhD in French from the Graduate Center, CUNY, and is currently Managing Editor at Hyperallergic.

Marc Pachter is a cultural historian and the Director Emeritus of the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. He launched his interest in biography as a literary form as Editor of Telling Lives: The Biographer’s Art and was called the Smithsonian’s “Master Interviewer” when awarded the Institution’s Gold Medal. Pachter lives in New York, Bangkok, and Berlin. He has contributed to Icons in Ash.

JW McCormack was born in Las Vegas, raised in Tennessee and now lives in Brooklyn. He has studied at Columbia University, is a senior editor at Conjunctions and his recent work appears in VICE, BuzzFeed, The Culture Trip, the New York Times, and The Paris Review Daily. He has contributed to Not a Rose

John Wronoski is an antiquarian bookseller and art dealer. He has published nearly a hundred rare book and art catalogues, many of them considered definitive in their fields, as well as 2 books. He is a specialist in the assessment and sale of literary archives for writers, artists, and scholars, and has worked in that capacity on behalf of numerous prominent figures, including several Nobel laureates.

Heide Hatry is a New York based German artist. She has curated numerous exhibitions and has shown her own work at museums and galleries around the world. She has created nearly 200 artist’s books and edited more than two dozen books and art catalogues and four collaborative conceptual artist’s books involving some of the most interesting thinkers and authors in the world.

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