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Spring 2002 CALENDAR

February 8 through May 17, 2002,
Fridays at 8pm at the Phoenix Gallery
568 Broadway, Suite 607, NYC

Joan Snyder
Joan Snyder
"Women and Expressionism"
See Feb. 15, 2002
$6 General Admission, $3 Students and Seniors with ID, Passholders FREE
A word of caution about our panels:
Sometimes we have to change a date or make a substitution for a speaker. To be sure to catch the right act, please call 212-779-9250 and check our announcement.

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Molly Barnes
Molly Barnes
"Collecting Masterworks"
See March 15, 2002


February 15th, 2002

Joan Snyder
Joan Snyder
Brenda Goodman
Brenda Goodman
"Women and Expressionism"

Expressionism, once the domain of male artists is now being absorbed and recontextualised by female artists. This panel is in coordination with the exhibition. "Painting: A Passionate Response by 16 American Artists"

Panelists: Pat Passlof, artist
Brenda Goodman, artist
Louise Fishman, artist
Joan Snyder, artist
Joel Silverstein, critic and artist
Moderator: George Rada, ATOA president

Organized by: Joel Silverstein
Louise Fishman
Louise Fishman

February 22nd, 2002

"Sculpture with Humor"

A night with John Torreano

Sculptor and humorist in dialogue with
Doug Sheer, ATOA chairperson
Organized by: Molly Barnes

Molly Barnes, who was originally scheduled to appear, was replaced by Doug Sheer
John Torreano
John Torreano


March 1st, 2002

"Expressions of Loss"
The World Trade Center memorial project.
Nilda Mesa,
artist and author of "Unity Canvas"
Jyll Taylor, executive director the WTC Memorial Project
Amy Weinstein, associate curator of the New York Historical Society.
Rondi Silva, Director of Artist Certification, NYC Dept of Cultural Affairs.

Organized by: Norma Greenwood, artist.

Jyll Taylor replaced Daniel Aubrey
Amy Weinstein replaced Michael Schulan
Terry Schmidt Photo
Photo by Terry Schmidt

March 8th, 2002

"Illustration Morphs Into Fine Art and Vice Versa"

A discussion of the nebulous difference between the two.

Moderator: Norma Greenwood, artist
Terry Brown,
director of the Society of Illustrators
Natalie Ascencios, Illustrator
Dan Adel, Illustrator
Peter deSteve, Illustrator

Organized by: Norma Greenwood
Terry Brown
Terry Brown

March 15th, 2002

"Norman Dubrow in Dialogue with Molly Barnes"

Collecting Masterworks

Molly Barnes, ATOA program director
Norman Dubrow, art collector

Organized by: Molly Barnes
Molly Barnes
Molly Barnes

March 22nd, 2002

"Powerful New Images Alternative Forms"
Moderator: Ruth Rintel
Panelists: Miriam Brumer, artist,
Charles Swanson, artist and others.

Organized by: Molly Barnes, program director ATOA

March 29th, 2002

No Panel - Good Friday


April 5th, 2002

"Realism Now II"
What is it? Is it still relevant today?
Moderator: Joel Silverstein, curator and critic
Philip Pearlstein,
Steven Harvey, painter
Elizabeth O'Reilly, painter
Lance Esplund, critic

Organized by: George A. Rada, artist/president, ATOA
and Joel Silverstein
Paintings by Philip Pearlstein
Detail of a
Philip Pearlstein Painting

April 12th, 2002

"Getting the Word Out"
A survey of America's leading art magazines
Moderator: Walter Robinson, art writer and artist
Panelists: Barbara MacAdam, senior editor ARTnews
Glenn Harper, editor Sculpture
Jennifer Liese, managing editor ARTFORUM
Richard Vine, managing editor Art in America

Organized by: Fran Kornfeld, artist, and Lynne Mayocole, artist.
Art Forum Magazine, Feb. cover

April 19th, 2002

"Open Screening & Reading:
Artists & Poets Focus on 9/11"

5 minutes and/or 5 slides and FREE admission to all. Bring your visual or verbal artistic statements. Sign in and load slides, starting at 7 p.m. screen or read your work starting at 8p.m.

Organized and Moderated by: Donna Marxer artist
9-11-01, painted sculpture by Paula Tavins (detail)
"9-11-01," painted sculpture
by Paula Tavins (detail)

April 26th, 2002

"Artists Block"
Artist Robert Dash in Dialogue with Patricia Hamilton

Organized by: Molly Barnes, program director ATOA

April 28th, 2002

Postal Deadline for Curators Choice Competition

See Curator's Choice 2002 Competition for details
Panel of winners will be held May 17th, 2002


May 3rd, 2002

Lance Fung
Lance Fung

"The Collaborative Process"

A focused conversation that expolres artistic collaboration, discussing issues of motivation, ego, value and the negotiations needed for a successful relationship

Moderator: Lance Fung of Lance Fung Gallery
Chuck Glicksman,
Ginger Andro, artist
Agnes Denes, artist
Jene Highstein, artist
Richard Humann, artist
Kim Levin, art historian, critic Village Voice
Joshua Selman, artist
Organized by: Chuck Glicksman, and Ginger Andro
Ginger Andro & Chuck Glicksman
Ginger Andro &
Chuck Glicksman

May 10th, 2002

Open Performance/Poetry/Slide Night
Five dollars, five minutes.
Sign in and/or load slides starting at 7:00 PM and performances, readings and screenings will begin, as usual, at 8:00 PM. Any medium, genre or subject is welcome. A microphone and a PA system are provided, as well as a slide projector. Let us know in advance if you have any special needs for your presentation.

May 17th, 2002

"Curator's Choice"
A panel of the five winners of the Curator's Choice 2002 Competition
Moderator: Kim Foster, owner/director The Kim Foster Gallery and Curator's Choice juror
Gary Setzer
G. Grogan
Valerie Britton
Laura Moriarty
Adela Leibowitz

This year's winners will have their work displayed at the 450 Broadway Gallery, in Soho in October. See Curator's Choice 2002 Competition for details.

No Recording Without Permission: There is no audio or video recording permitted during ATOA panels without advance permission from the staff. Photographs may be taken, without the use of flash. You will be asked to turn off your equipment and leave if you ignore this rule. Copyright, 2002 Artists Talk On Art, all rights reserved.

The End of our Spring 2002 season.

ATOA wishes to thank the Phoenix Gallery,
The Lily Auchincloss Foundation,
The Lower Manhattan Community Council,
The Bachman Foundation,
and Weinick, Sanders and Leventhal, CPAs, for their generous support.

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