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Critical Dialog
in the
Visual Arts

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Mrigyaa, 1990, oil painting by Natvar Bhavsar
Natvar Bhavsar
See March 2, 2007

February - May 2007

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ATOA panel dates.

Friday Evenings at 7:00 pm
The School of Visual Arts (SVA)
209 East 23rd Street, NYC
in the Amphitheater

(unless otherwise noted)

real Brillo boxes
Andy Warhol
The Legacy
See Feb. 23, 2007
Don't miss: February 2 "The Impact of War on Art" with Sumayyah Samaha,
February 9 Jan Staller with Doug Sheer, March 23 Anil Revri with Sundaram Tagore
April 13 Melissa Meyer with Stephanie Theodore, April 27 Cindy Nemser with Audrey Anastasi,
March 31, the deadline for, "Curator's Choice," our annual art competition
Nobuho Nagasawa
Nobuho Nagasawa
"Water Weaving Light Cycle"
Light Art
See March 30, 2007

Charlie Morrow
Charlie Morrow
"Let the Sound Do the Talking"
Sound Art
See March 16, 2007

Miltos Manetas
Miltos Manetas
Web Art
See April 20, 2007

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A-forest Gallery
A-forest Gallery
"Curator's Choice"
See May 4, 2007

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