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May 11, 2012

Chris Twomey - Triumph of XX
A still from the DVD, "The Triumph of XX" by Chris Twomey

Will Science + the Spiritual in Art = Raising the Dead?
Chris Twomey's Art using Genetic Engineering

The XX in Chris Twomey's DVD, "The Triumph of XX," (still picture above) refers to the XX chromosone which distinguishes the DNA of women from the XY chromosone in the DNA of men. It evokes the passion of the XX chromosome (female) in its ability to heal a flaw or mutation in the DNA by recombining and backing up since there are two Xs. Twomey's first presentation at ATOA in 2004, "Omni Series" explored the myriad potential of the umbilical cord as a non-controversial source of stem cells for genetic engineering research. As part of her "Madonna" series in 2006 she traced her DNA code, and those of other working mothers, back thousands of years to its origins.

Twomey has had solo exhibitions in NYC, most recently at AC Institute in February (reviewed in the Huffington Post), and innumerable group exhibitions worldwide. Her next notable solo show, entitled "STOLEN GOODS," is premiering at HP Garcia Gallery in NYC. ( Check the gallery's website for the dates.) Twomey has received various awards; CAPS grant, Ford Grant, Experimental TV award, an American Film Institute Directing Internship, among others.

Her newest work will preserve her own DNA, so that it may be cloned at some time in the future after her death. Her cloned body would have no memory of its former life, but this new work asks, if her clone were raised as an amnesia victim, and encouraged to re-learn who she was by viewing the art she had made, is it possible she could be resurrected? The ancient Egyptians believed the spirits of their dead would dwell in the art in their tombs, one day to be reunited with their re-animated bodies after a "journey of millions of years." Twomey's work will test if the time has come that genetic engineering science brings that journey to its conclusion, and allows the spiritual in art to restore her spirit to her genetically resurrected body. Her work will ask, is it possible to achieve physical & spiritual resurrection here on Earth by literally being born again by means of genetic engineering?

Moderator: Flash Light, digital sculptor, board member of Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI), IT Director of ATOA
Arthur Danto, philosopher, author, former Art Critic for The Nation, and Professor Emiritus at Columbia U.
Chris Twomey, multi-media artist, filmmaker, curator, and writer
Vernita N'Cognita,visual and performance artist, Director of Viridian Artists gallery, former Director of ATOA, and Pope of The Church of Art

Note: Arthur Danto will participate in the panel and take audience questions via a Skype projection.

Introductory digital slide show. panel coverage.
Twomey's, Message to my Clone, DVD
Arthur Danto's Books in ATOA Store

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