Christo & Jeanne-Claude
See December 3, 2004
See November 8, 1996
View their books.

Jules Olitski, With Love and Disregard
Jules Olitski
See May 2nd 2003.
View his books.

Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Murray
"What Does Age
Have to Do with It?"
See Nov. 3, 1995
View her books.
Larry Poons' early Op Art painting, 'Orange Crush'
Larry Poons
See February 11, 2000
and January 30, 2004


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Larry Rivers, painter and musician
Larry Rivers
"What Did I Do?"
See February 17, 1995
View his books.

Louise Bourgeois
See March 4, 1977
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Arthur Danto
See November 19, 2004
See May 11, 2012
View his books.

Donald Kuspit
"The End of Art"
See December 10, 2004.
View his books.
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