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Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Murray
See Nov. 3, 1995
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March 27, 2009

The Madness of Art

This panel features short humorous films, in the tradition of "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and "The Office." Dealer-filmmaker, Jim Kempnerís film is about an art dealer, and the gallery world of the modern day Chelsea district he inhabits.

Guest Speaker: Jim Kempner, Jim Kempner Fine Arts

April 20, 2007

Miltos Manetas in Dialog with Flash Light

Miltos Manetas is one of the first artists to use computers, videogames and contemporary lifestyle as his model.

Flash Light is a digital sculptor who creates NetArt, and has written reviews of digital art for www.ASCI.org since 1993.

View the transcript online.

www.jesusswimming.com a website by Miltos Manetas
Miltos Manetas
"Jesus Swimming"
NetArt by Manetas:

December 3, 2004

Christo and Jeanne-Claude

Two Works In Progress: The Gates, Project For Central Park , NYC and Over The River, Project for the Arkansas River, Colorado

November 19th, 2004

Pollock Passion

Director Bill Rabinovitch has recreated the Pollock legend in his DV feature film "Pollock Squared." Billís enlisted a wide cast of art world denizens who resemble the characters they play in this upbeat romantic epic covering a hundred years in the history of modern art. In this version Pollock doesnít die in the car crash. Action highlights from the film will be shown followed by an extended discussion of Pollockís continuing influence on artistís of today. Visit www.PollockSquared.com for film details.

Dennis Oppenheim
plays a cloned incarnation
of Jackson Pollock

Moderator: Bill Rabinovitch, artist
Arthur Danto, art historian, critic
Deborah Solomon, New York Times feature writer, author of "Jackson Pollock: a Biography"
Helen Harrison, director of the Pollock/Krasner House & Study Center
Organizer: Bill Rabinovitch, artist

Arthur Danto
plays a cloned incarnation
of Jackson Pollock

View Pollock Squared Trailer
(4.4 Meg QuickTime file)

Barnaby Ruhe playing Jackson Pollock

November 21st, 2003

Analog Dreams / Digital World III

Artist and digital art pioneer, John Fischer, leads a panel on a new voyage through the contemporary digital landscape where analog dreams give rise to digital expression.

LordAnubis.org, NetArt by Flash Light

NetArt by Flash Light

Moderator: John Fischer, artist
Flash Light, NetArt
Jay Mahar, Art Music Interface
Jessie Nebraska Gifford, electronic painter
Ursula Freer, digital artist
Christian Malitzaki, Uses digital consctructs that include photos and repaints them in oils in large formats.

Organizer: John Fischer, artist

digital print by John Fischer

May 2nd, 2003

"Jules Olitski"
interviewed by Molly Barnes

One-on-one interview with Molly Barnes, and Jules Olitski, a color field artist for many years has returned to abstract landscapes. He has been acknowledged by critic Clement Greenberg as the leading artist of the 20th century. He describes his paintings simply as "a spray of color that hangs like a cloud, but does not lose its shape."

Jules Olitski
Jules Olitski
"With Love and Disregard"

4/5/2002 "Realism Now II"
What is it? Is it still relevant today?
Moderator: Joel Silverstein, curator and critic
Philip Pearlstein,
Steven Harvey, painter
Elizabeth O'Reilly, painter
Lance Esplund, critic

Organized by: George A. Rada, artist/president, ATOA
and Joel Silverstein
Paintings by Philip Pearlstein
Details from
Philip Pearlstein's Paintings

2/23/2001 "Shapes of Sounds/
Sounds of Shapes"
Moderator: Kathleen Laziza, executive director of the Micro Museum
Norman Ballard
, laser sculptor, whose projections on the Guggenheim skylight were a highlight of the Nam June Paik show
Frances Whitney, laser-video-electroluminescent sculptor recently featured in a documentary on cable channel E!
Jack Ox, This artist received a grant from Ars Electronica to develop MIDI-based software and has been working on the 21st Century Virtual Reality Color Organ with her collaborator Dave Britton, for over 3 years
Bob Sturm, composer who uses data from particle collisions to program his synthesizers and demonstrate how computer music might advance high-energy particle physics.
Flash Light, interactive audio-video light sculptor who also is writing his own software for a MIDI-based visual synthesizer

Top: Norman Ballard's laser projection, "Sweet and Sublime," on the Guggenheim skylight, with Nam June Paik.
Bottom: Frances Whitney's multimedia "Fractals and Chaos" with Norman Ballard, Elliot Sharp

Laser projection on Guggenheim skylight
Norman Ballard's "Sweet and Sublime,"

Frances Whitney's Fractals and Chaos
Frances Whitney's "Fractals and Chaos"
Quicktime Movie
(33 Megs)

12/8/2000 "Dreams & Visions in Art...
Mesoamerican Techniques"

Pedro Lujan, Organizer/Moderator, artist of visions and dreams
Helmut Amann, artist of crystalized dreams
Raimudo Rubio, painter of primal dreams
Adam Ashforth, anthropologist and fellow at Princeton Center for Independent Studies

Slides: Raimudo Rubio's paintings

Raimudo Rubio

2/17/95* "LARRY RIVERS"

LARRY RIVERS, painter, musician, and star since the 60's when his "Washington Crossing the Delaware" made art news, with

Clip: Larry Rivers explains how he became a painter.

Larry Rivers talks at ATOA
Quick Time audio clip
(1.3 Meg)

Successful artists from 30 to 80 share insights about age and its effect on careers.
Moderator: Donna Marxer, artist
Rebecca Purdum,
Alexis Rockman, painter
Elizabeth Murray, painter
Joseph DiGiorgio, painter
Dorothy Gillespie, sculptor
David Slivka. sculptor

Elizabeth Murray

1/29/1993 "Will the Art Market Recover?"

Ivan Karp, owner, O.K. Harris Gallery, pioneer gallerist in Soho, and former Director, Leo Castelli Gallery, interviewed by
Elaine Marinoff, mixed-media artist, poet, former educator.

Clip: Ivan Karp offers a unique view of the art world in the 50's.

Ivan Karp
Quick Time audio track
(1 Meg)

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