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These are links to artists and art organizations involved with ATOA. You are also entitled to be listed here if you have ever been on an ATOA panel, if you have served as an ATOA volunteer, or if you are an ATOA Pass Holder.

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Art Galleries:

Agora Gallery
Phoenix Gallery
eyewash gallery
Fvlcrvm Gallery
SoHo20 Gallery
A.I.R. Gallery
Forum Gallery
Littlejohn Gallery
Marlborough Gallery
Rotunda Gallery
The Anita Shapolsky Gallery
Danese Gallery
Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center

Art Magazines:

Professional Artist Magazine
NYarts Magazine
Manhattan Arts

Art Museums:

Aldrich Museum
American Craft Museum (now Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design)
Brooklyn Museum
Bronx Museum
Guggenheim Museum
Hudson River Museum of Westchester
Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum
Jersey City Museum
Jewish Museum
Metropolitan Museum
Micro Museum
Montclair Art Museum (MAM)
Museum for African Art
Museum of Contemporary Arts and Design (formerly American Craft Museum)
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
New Museum
Neuberger Museum
Snug Harbor Cultural Center
Studio Museum in Harlem
Queens Museum of Art
Whitney Museum

Art On Line:

Electronic Museum of Mail Art
123 Inc.,
New York Artists on Line
The Nearby Cafe
New York Art World
Lugansk Art Gallery offers you remarkable drawings, sculpture and paintings for sale.
Art Gallery Worldwide Website offers a wide variety of features and services, that enables customers to buy and sell their art.
The Art Source Representing work by contemporary British artists, sculptors and photographers. Artworld news and culture.
Quat Gallery Metaverse gallery of virtual art for avatars living in virtual worlds
San Andreas Fault Sculpture

Art Organizations:

Actual Art Foundation
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
Artists In Residence In Everglades (AIRIE)
International Association of Art Critics (AICA)
Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation
Sumei Multidisciplinary Arts Center

Art Services:

The SoHo Photographer
D. James Dee - Serving artists since 1974
Solid State Light, Inc.
Website services for artists
Design, fabrication, and restoration of electronic art
Artist Help Network
Information for artists (Caroll Michels)
Art Brushes Store
Variety of artist brushes including
Kolinsky Sable and Siberian Squirrel
City Adventures
Worldwide explorations in art and gardens
(Norma Greenwood)
Masters in Art Education
Resource listing colleges with art education programs Directory of Masters in Education programs


Nancy Azara
John Fischer
Joan Giordano
Norma Greenwood
Ray Johnson Artistamp Gallery
Ruth Kligman
Vesna Lazarin
Flash Light
Donna Marxer
James Ossi
Jack Ox
Jackson Pollock
Bill Rabinovitch
George Rada
Faith Ringgold
Richard Lewis Roth
Libby Seaberg &
Wayne Snellen
Bob Sturm
Paula Tavins
Charles H. Traub
Tery Fugate-Wilcox

Mobile Web:

For handhelds (Palms, RIMs, SMARTphones, etc.) ATOA has a mobile site formated for small display screens:


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Did you know that ATOA has over 30 years of art discussions documented on tape? This tremendous archive of contemporary art history will surely help future historians - if it survives! However this archive is recorded on magnetic tapes which desperately need to be preserved. You can make a donation online to ATOA's Archive Fund by charging any amount you wish to contribute on your credit card.

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Nearby Cafe

New York Artists on Line